Data Recovery

Have you lost something important? Need to get it back?

It can be so easy to lose some, or all your files. Loss can occur due to:
  • A virus on your machine.
  • Accidently deleting something.
  • Hard drive stopped working.
  • Deleting images from a camera's memory card.
  • Machine will not start up.
  • Plus many more reasons....

  • With all of these possibilities, it is vital that you seek expert help AS SOON as possible, as the longer you leave it, the lower your chances of retrieving all of your data.

    As you may have confidential / sensitive data on your hard drives, we can also perform the recovery services onsite, so you can be assured that all of your information remains safe and secure during the entire process.

    MP Computer Services operate a no fix no fee policy, so if we can't get your files back, you won't be charged.


    Data Backup

    Do you have any important documents, or precious family photos that cannot be replaced?

    If the answer is yes, then you should consider backing up your data.

    Why wait for something bad to happen, when you can be proactive and make sure all of your important files are backed up.

    MP Computer Services can give free advice, and suggest the best type of backup depending on your individual requirements.


    Backup Systems

    Want to regularly make a copy of your files?

    We can advise on the best backup system for you, based on your individual requirements.

    From basic software through to a complete backup server, there are many options to ensure you never lose any important data.

    For a fixed monthly fee we can also offer:

  • Remote Monitoring - We remotely monitor your backups from our office and, where possible, correct any issues that may occur, all usually without having to visit or contact you.
  • Online (Offsite/Cloud Based) Backups - Which offers protection and piece of mind against theft, fire, flooding, virus damage of your local data.
  • Disaster Recovery - Should the worst happen we provide fast ONSITE support to get you back up and running with the minimum of inconvenience for yourself.

    **NEW** Cloud Services

    Want to access your photos, music or documents when your away from home, or on a mobile device?

    We will soon be offering various services based around the idea of being able to access all your important information from anywhere in the world, while still making sure it is secure, protected and only accessible by approved users.